Founded by conductor/composer/producer Kristjan Järvi, the KJE (aka internationally as Nordic Pulse Ensemble) is a multi-genre ensemble implementing true camaraderie among performers and audiences of today. Comprised of professional musicians from previous collaborations with Kristjan Järvi (also from Baltic Sea Philharmonic), the KJE has collaborated with a variety of artists including David Nebel (violin), singers-songwriters Mick Pedaja, Angeelia Pedaja and Anett, producer/artists NOËP and Raul Ojamaa, jazz vocalist Kadri Voorand  ao.


As a conductor, Kristjan Järvi is at home on the big international stages, directing great classics from Wagner to Tchaikovsky and from Steve Reich to Bastille as well as his original productions without any genre boundaries. In 2020, Kristjan founded a record label nEscapes. Besides online music distribution it offers its own unique nEscapes Lounges to artists as a new listening format.

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